MeeT the BaNd


Acoustic and Electric Bass Guitar & Very Reluctant backup vocals



Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Ukulele & unfortunately the Otamatone.



Drums Drums Drums!, Vocals, Cajone, Stock Pots, Hammer Boxes & door knobs (don’t ask)

The MudPuddLeS formed way back in the day, in the music room of Palmyra High!


Tyson and Nick originally created the MudPuddLeS as a-rockin' 2-piece, punkified Acoustic power pop rock band. The guys were small-town outcast skaters, and they and their crew were heavily influenced by the Violent Femmes, Dead Milkmen and various punk bands of the late 80s. When they were separated by College in 1991; Tyson to the University of Nebraska at Omaha & Nick at Wesleyan University in Lincoln, they took a small break to focus on studies, but by 1992 they realized that they needed to play together again. They started primarily playing on the street corners of downtown Lincoln Nebraska and when not getting harassed by the cops for ‘obstructing sidewalk traffic’ they amassed a good local following. By 1993 they grew to playing house parties in Omaha & Coffee Shops in Omaha and Lincoln. Eventually, the guys knew that they wanted to elevate their sound and add a third.

Enter a bass player, Angela. While never playing any instrument before, the guys were quoted as saying ‘you look like a bass player’ and Angela took it to heart, practiced day & night and drove her parents insane, by February 1994 she was an official member.

With the addition of a bass player, new songs were written, electric instruments were added, and bigger and better shows abound!

Some larger notable shows include;

November 9th, 1994: Opening the Big ‘O’ local music showcase at the (now defunct) Ranch Bowl in Omaha, NE. After the set, everyone’s favorite sound guy, Roger asked the band ‘where were you when we needed openers for the Cramps on Monday?’ (How Freakin’ cool is that!)

September 27th, 1996: Ticket Master Music Showcase at the (also defunct) People’s Bar in Ames, IA. We got some great (for the 90’s) home videos from this show, be sure to check them out on our  Youtube Channel.

Late in 1997, the 3 friends grew apart, Tyson & Angela married and got into Mountain and Rock climbing, and Nick married his beautiful bride Wendy and moved to Albany, NY to get his Masters in Art.

Years past and after finding their places, having kids, changing careers many times and all-the-while finally growing up enough to realize that they all needed more music in their lives.

Jump to November 2017, fun practices started up again every few weeks and quickly grew to the reigniting of the passion they’ve always felt when playing together. From here they reminisce about what was, but looking forward with great anticipation on what the future will bring.

With this new start, you'll notice more Genre-Bending in each of their new songs. 

Here’s to a new Chapter in MudPuddLeS history!